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  • 2019-07-24C&D and Trojan Exhibit as one Company at DCD Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India (July 24, 2019) – C&D Technologies and Trojan Battery Co., LLC, two leading manufacturers of batteries, announced its joint participation at the Datacenter DynamicsConference (DCD>Bangalore) held in the Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel.  It is the first time the two companies have exhibited together in India since C&D Technologies acquired Trojan Batteryin January 2019.

印度班加罗尔(2019年7月24日)——C&D和Trojan, 这两家领先的电池制造商,宣布联合参加在班加罗尔喜来登大酒店举行的数据中心会议(DCD>Bangalore)。这是自C&D于2019年1月收购Trojan电池以来,两家公司首次在印度联合展出。




As one of the most influential BBS in the data center field, DCD >Bangalore attracted more than 900 industry participants including well-known enterprises and end users in the data center industry.

作为数据中心领域最具影响力的论坛之一,DCD >Bangalore吸引了包括数据中心行业知名企业和终端用户在内的900多家行业参与者。



As one of the leading battery manufacturers, C&D has legendary technical ability.  Duringthe conference, C&D displayed the ideal products for the India market to our customers, such as the MRXF front access battery series, High Rate Max (MRXseries), TEL-12V Telcom Series, Pure Lead Plus (PLP series), DCS 12V Long Duration series, 2V AES/MSE Liberty series, Carbon battery and other popular models.  The extensive array of batteries on display attracted the attention of many industry professionals while hundreds of customers stopped by the booth with representation from companies such as Hexaware,Huawei, HCL, ABB, Hewlett, Eteck, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Symantec Software,Mahindra, Netmagic, and CISCO Systems.

作为领先的电池制造商之一,C&D拥有传奇般的技术。会议期间,C&D向客户展示了印度市场的理想产品,如MRXF前端子电池、高倍率Max (MRX 系列)、TEL-12V 电信用系列、Pure Lead Plus (PLP系列)、DCS 12V深循环系列、2V AES/MSE Liberty系列、碳电池等明星产品。展出的各式各样的电池吸引了许多业内专业人士的注意,同时,来自Hexaware、华为、ABB、惠普等公司代表的数百名客户在展台前驻足咨询。



With over a billion strong customer base,favorable Government policies coupled with the country-wide digital revolution, IOT deployment, and cloud adoption, India is gearing up for second phase of data center growth. These trends will lead to a surge in webscale data centers within the country.




About C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies delivers world-class power solutions for mission-critical industrial applications around the world. As a trusted power solutions provided for more than 100 years, C&D is committed to providing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective products and services. For more information visit or 


About Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery, founded in1925, is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle energy storage solutions for Motive and Stationary applications and a battery technology pioneer, having built the first golf car battery in 1952.  Trojan batteries provide power for a wide variety of Motive and Stationary applications that require deep-cycle battery performance, including aerial work platform/MEWP, airport ground support equipment, floor cleaning machines, golf and utility vehicles, marine/RV, material handling, oil/gas and renewable energy industries. For more information visit, or




Recently acquired by C&D Technologies in January of 2019, C&D and Trojan are now one company. The acquisition combines two leading specialty battery manufacturers with legendary technical reliability, two iconic brands and a history of market leadership.  This exciting partnership, with global distribution, creates one of the largest North American energy storage providers. 

2019年1月, Trojan被C&D Technologies收购,C&D和Trojan现在是一家公司。此次收购结合了两家具有传奇技术和可靠性的领先电池制造商、两个标志性品牌和拥有市场领先的历史。这一激动人心的收购将使西恩迪拥有覆盖全球的分销系统,并创造北美最大的能源存储供应商之一。


About DCD>Bangalore

The DCD>Bangalore track the inevitable growth of Webscale Datacenters in India by bringing together senior stake holders from the Datacenter and Cloud community for thought provoking discussions on the current paradigm shift from on-prem to colo to cloud, edge computing, green datacenters, digital transformation and other key aspects that enable the evolution of the IT infrastructure of the country.

DCD见证了印度互联网数据中心不可避免的增长,通过结合高端数据中心和云社区的利益相关者进行发人深思的讨论,讨论的主题有关于从当前的模式转变到on-prem to colo to Cloud, 端缘运算、绿色数据中心, 数字化转型和其他促进印度IT基础设施发展的关键方面。